About Wildbit

Wildbit is the team behind Postmark, Beanstalk, DMARC Digests, and People-First Jobs.

We’re self-funded, profitable, and have been working remotely since 2000. We believe that businesses are human, and our team is committed to proving you can grow a profitable company while prioritizing people first.

Since 2017, our four-day workweeks have given us the freedom to donate our time and expertise to impact our local communities, and our unique approach to running a business has been featured in Fast Company, The Washington Post, NPR, and the TODAY show.

Wildbit Salaries

How much do people at Wildbit get paid?

The average Wildbit salary ranges from approximately $67,766 per year for Software Developer to $114,802 per year for Senior Software Engineer .

In addition, the highest-paying job at Wildbit is Senior Software Engineer with a salary of $114,802 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

Wildbit Benefits

  • Flexible hours
  • 20 paid days off (That’s 5 work weeks.)
  • Team retreats
  • Profit sharing
  • Paid Family leave
  • Home office Allowance
  • Professional development Allowance
  • Books Healthy Habits
  • HQ Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
  • Website Wildbit
  • Remote Type

Wildbit Remote Jobs