Our story started back in 2015 when Brian Jobs was disasastified with his employer.

He drastically needed to make a change, so he began to search for his next opportunity.

Brian searched numerous job boards, fortune 500 companies and start-ups. After finding and applying to a number jobs for many weeks, he concluded that there were many jobs going unnoticed.

Brian realized this was an opportunity to display all the jobs that were not tailored to him, but wanted to help other people find these amazing career opportunities.

He created a short list of these great job opportunities and shared this information with his friends, family and co-workers. The feedback and number of jobs he found on a daily basis was overwhelming.

Brian wanted to share this valuable information with others outside of his network. As a result, JOBHIRED was founded.

Eventually, Brian found and transitioned into a remote role, where it made a significant impact to his lifestyle (flexible schedule, time, and income).

Fast forward today, JOBHIRED is the top choice for remote job seekers and employers searching for their next remote team member.

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