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From The Desk Of Brian Jobs:

Oakland, California

September 26th, 2022 22:00

Dear Employer:

JOBHIRED is about one thing and one thing only: Helping you discover your next remote team member by attracting high-quality applicants to apply to your remote opportunity.

Here Are A Few Ways We Make Sure That Happens...

1. Quality Control

Here at JOBHIRED, we ensure that each job posting provides as much but clear information as possible.

This ensures potential applicants clearly understand your job description, requirements, benefits and work enviornment.

In addition, job postings within our community may not be a remote position. As a result, we as a team perform a secondary check to provide the best quality remote-first or remote friendly job posting to perspective applicants.

Sounds like your opportunity? post now...

2. Network of Qualified Professionals

As JOBHIRED continues to grow month over month- we receive an overwhelming amount of applicant resumes through various channels. Hence, we as team review each of these applicant resume and categorize them as potential or unlikely team members (aka canidates).

As a result, if we come across a potential match between an applicant and your remote position, then we would provide our recommendation to apply or suggesst the candidate (a $99 value which is included in our premium job postings).

3. Targeted Audience

JOBHIRED only highlights the best remote jobs in the world which means your opportunity of course!

That's achieved by sharing specific targeted opportunities via social media and our newsletter(your remote job posting could be next).

Yes, we do grow our community oraganically, but we also like to build our targeted audience as well via social media channels.

Brian, I am In! What's Next?...

To be transparent with you, our premium job posting costs around $400 which includes:

  • 30-Day Premium Job Posting ($199 Value)
  • Premium Featured Job Posting ($99 Value)
  • Premium Recommendation Service ($99 value)

In which you can get started today for only *$147 Per Month!

By the way, you can cancel anytime - guaranteed!

To make things easier, we've created a table just for you in sharing a breakdown of other remote job boards in the market today!

Company Cost ($USD) Days Posted
JOBHIRED $147+ Month 30-Days
We Work Remotely $299+ Month Monthly $299+ 30-Days $249+ 30-Days

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you offer a refund?

Our #1 goal is to help you discover your next remote team member by targeting the right individuals, vetting, and recommeding a list of qualified people. If you are not completely satisfied, then the short answer is yes. We will provide a refund.

What set's you apart from other remote job boards?

One word. "Partnership..." We want to create a long term partnership, hence we strive to provide the best service, the best canidates and the best results helping you grow your company with the right remote team member(s).

What does a premium job posting mean?

Your Job Posting will be featured on the home page, will be featured in our newsletter, and the first recommeded related job post.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime no questions are asked while you cancel but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback.