About Trail of Bits

Since 2012, Trail of Bits has helped secure some of the world's most targeted organizations and devices. We combine high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

We help our clientele — ranging from Facebook to DARPA — lead their industries. Their dedicated security teams come to us for our foundational tools and deep expertise in reverse engineering, cryptography, virtualization, malware, and software exploits. According to their needs, we may audit their products or networks, consult on modifications necessary for a secure deployment, or develop the features that close their security gaps.

After solving the problem at hand, we continue to refine our work in service to the deeper issues. The knowledge we gain from each engagement and research project further hones our tools and processes, and extends our software engineers' abilities. We believe the most meaningful security gains hide at the intersection of human intellect and computational power.

Trail of Bits Salaries

How much do people at Trail of Bits get paid?

The average Trail of Bits salary ranges from approximately $75,000 per year for Security Engineer to $175,958 per year for Senior Security Engineer .

In addition, the highest-paying job at Trail of Bits is Senior Security Engineer with a salary of $175,958 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

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