About Status

Status strives to be a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. Designed to enable the free flow of information, protect the right to private, secure conversations, and promote the sovereignty of individuals.

Status Salaries

Status Benefits & Perks

  • Compensation
    • We ask that you’re willing to be paid in a combination of fiat and cryptocurrency.
    • We’ll reward you with a competitive base salary.
    • We’ll also reward you with SNT (Status Network Tokens) to give you a real stake in the success of the organisation.
    • A generous budget (€2000 Euros) to choose whatever laptop you prefer.
    • We provide a small allowance (up to €250 Euros per month) for a co-working space.
  • Freedom
    • Work from wherever you choose. Our contributors are a varied bunch - some work from home, some from a coworking space, some from a local cafe, others are nomads.
    • We operate an open vacation policy, meaning there are no hard limits or strict rules around how much holiday you take and how you schedule it.
    • We want our contributors to be healthy and take the time they need to relax and enjoy quality disconnected time away from work.
    • We offer all contributors a Headspace subscription.
  • Travel
    • Each team has a travel budget to attend conferences & team meetups of their choice.
    • Once per year the whole organisation gets together to connect (so far we’ve visited Bangkok and Prague).
  • HQ Location Global
  • Website Status
  • Remote Type

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