About SoftwareMill

Custom software by true engineers

Tech partner to develop scalable and efficient custom software. We blend technology with business; our developers are at the same time managers, able to look at the project from tech and business perspective. Our priority is to deliver quality software: thoroughly tested, well-designed, and reviewed.

SoftwareMill delivers custom software solutions:

* Big / Fast Data
* Machine Learning & AI systems
* Blockchain
* Back-end systems
* Web applications
* Enterprise solutions
* Data Analytics

We want to deliver software that matters to our business clients. We build on the traditional engineering work ethics and values, which translate directly to the quality of our systems, helping the client discover their true needs.

We are a team of Java, Scala, Akka experts dedicated to rapidly developing and deploying applications for big and soon-to-be-big companies. We leverage cloud infrastructure to keep our clients happy. 

We solve IT challenges such as system integration, data processing, monitoring/data analysis, workflow and business rules. We focus on efficiency and scalability of solutions.

Our company is a partner of Lightbend, Datastax, Confluent, MongoDB, Oracle.

Since 2009, we have provided lean development for a whole host of clients, ranging from small startups to big corporations from the US, Australia, South Africa, Asia and Europe. SoftwareMill has international references in Telco & Messaging, Finance, Banking & Insurance industries.

We organize Scalar: the first & biggest Scala conference in Central Europe (http://scalar-conf.com/). 

Most of our employees are in some way involved in the community, either as open-source project leaders, conference organisers or bloggers. That is also what attracts great people to our company: knowing that we really care about what we do.

SoftwareMill Salaries

SoftwareMill Benefits & Perks

  • Remote
    • We all work from our homes, co-working offices or sometimes even from Bieszczady Mountains.
  • Transparency
    • You will know how much each of us earns or how much we spend on various things.
  • Needs understood
    • Company launched and led by active developers, so we understand that an SSD disc is not a whim and two large external LCD displays setup is not too much. If you need any stuff to work, you will get it.
  • Flat structure
    • Everyone has the same right to speak their opinions or change the way the company works, no matter if you are a boss or a developer who joined us a month ago. If you convince the majority to your idea, we make it happen even if a boss voted for “no”.
  • Self-improvement
    • Paid days-off when you attend conferences. We also appreciate when you want to share your knowledge with others.
    • HQ Location Warsaw, Poland
    • Website SoftwareMill
    • Remote Type

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