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SmugMug Overview

SmugMug was started in 2002 by CEO Don MacAskill, when Internet companies were collapsing. He hired his father, Chris, and together they set off to create a whole new way to bring showcase, store, share and sell digital photos online.

To friends it seemed they were following their hearts into the jaws of death. But they were both hopelessly in love with the Internet and digital photography, certain they could overcome the odds against them, so dove headfirst into building a company as cutting-edge as it was warm and welcoming.

Along the way the contagion spread to the rest of the family. They left their promising careers and two SmugMug MacAskills became seven. Now more than 200+ employees strong, the rest of the SmugMug team has become family too. Even our customers consider themselves part of the family. We revel in seeing their photos of weddings, newborns, athletic triumphs, travels, and other profound moments.

Now the largest independent photosharing site in the world, SmugMug is unlike any other company. We're in a funky building with the best chef in the Silicon Valley, the best health insurance of any company you know, a personal trainer and amazing photos on the walls. And that's just the beginning.

If you're passionate, we want you. Whether you're a PHP wizard, Android tinkerer, iOS master, design guru, or some other rare breed entirely, we want you. We're all crazy about what we do, and we hope you will be, too.

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