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Boost engagement and save hours of time each week with the most intuitive social media management tool for small businesses, marketing teams and social media managers.

Curate, schedule, publish and analyse with our suite of powerful features. Every detail of SmarterQueue has been meticulously designed to streamline and automate your day-to-day social media tasks. We take care of the fine details, helping you grow an engaged following through consistent, high quality social content.

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Evergreen post recycling
Content Categories
Queue-based scheduling
Flexible marketing calendar
Content curation
Competitor analysis
Social media monitoring
Text and Media Variations of Evergreen posts

SmarterQueue Salaries

SmarterQueue Benefits & Perks

  • Automate Post Scheduling
    • SmarterQueue enables its users to schedule their social media posts quickly with ease. No need for manual scheduling. You can simply create a posting plan as well as a category for your content types. Each time you add new content, the platform will automatically add it to a Queue to make a balanced content plan. This capability can save social media managers a lot of time.
  • Recycle Evergreen Content
    • Evergreen content affects website traffic and social engagement long after its publish date. It is valuable content. To make sure the post does not go to waste, SmartQueue lets its users recycle it. You can designate posts for automatic resharing. This way, you can extract its maximum value and interactions. In addition, it helps keep your queues full of content.
  • Analyze Other Social Media Profiles
    • The platform also lets you see how your competitors are doing through its competitor analysis feature. It can provide you information about your competitor’s top hashtags, mentions, engagement by content/type, post days/times, and a lot more. This can be helpful in keeping on par with the competition.
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