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... or your new SUV that is not just an automobile but your companion for life, learning and evolving. Even more, a robot companion that can feel for an elderly.

San Francisco’s Skive it®, Inc. [神入] with additional registered office in UK (England and Wales No. 11247674) is a Deep Learning startup building a specialized, ultra-secure hardware chip that will be the heart of the robot as opposed to the ‘brain'​. Our revolutionary fully autonomous Deep Learning technology will enable machines to feel through Robometrics® kernel on single silicon wafer, the Robometrics® chip.

Robometrics® fundamentally changes the way Deep Learning is done - Fully autonomous, low power, with no need for separate training and inference phases for Deep Learning, no need for large data sets for training and no need for 1000s of GPUs. Robometrics® chip is an evolving chip that can learn continuously after being placed in the robot. Since the Robometrics® chip learns continuously after being embedded, every robot will have its own unique personality just like no two cats are alike and learn from their companion master. Learn more:skive.it/robometrics

Our mission is to build autonomous Artificial Intelligence systems that can feel.

The first system that we have come up with — and is live — is a search engine that enables you to search for an experience based on style and mood. skive.it/search . We are the only one who can figure out the style and mood of an experience in near real-time using our revolutionary Robometrics® technology. If you find yourself clueless on what do do in a new city, you can check out Skive it Scanner. skive.it/scanner.

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