Pink Callers

HQ: Middleburg, Virginia

We are looking for a responsible Customer Service Representative to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks remotely for our clients, their employees and customers.

Pink Callers places remote customer service rockstars that help your field service business run better. Overwhelmed with customer care, technology, front and back office tasks? We streamline it all and free you up for better things. We specialize in outstanding customer care. We pair one of our remote team members with your cloud based customer management platform to give you more control over your business in a way that takes less of your time to manage. Your rockstar will use your Service Autopilot, SingleOps, Jobber or Zenmaid CRM to answer your calls, texts and emails. We provide customer service, solve problems, dispatch sales and crew members and more. While we use technology to make your business run better, we never lose sight of the value of having the same cheerful person be on the other end of your calls. You get a relationship with a remote team member that you can rely on. Your Pink Callers Rock star will be professional and efficient and understand your business. We hire and train North American-based employees who can help you from the first day. With our customized support, your customers get their problems solved. You will see immediate results in increased customer happiness, calls turned into service appointments, and invoices paid. All your back-office tasks will be streamlined. You will have more time for the things you need to do keep your business humming. You may even find time to do other things that you enjoy!

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