HQ: Temecula, California

Enabling people and organizations to thrive

Perceptyx is revolutionizing the employee survey and people analytics industry, delivering enterprise-level employee surveys and people analytics to more than 25% of the Fortune 100. With an unrivaled technology platform and a tailor-made, flexible approach, we make it easy for our clients to discover insights deep within large and complex organizations, driving meaningful action to improve business outcomes. Driven by a deep intellectual curiosity and culture of innovation, Perceptyx is challenging the status quo – to help people and organizations thrive. We know that one size does not fit all, so the Perceptyx technology and approach intentionally focuses on flexibility at scale through strategic alignment with our clients'​ business objectives. As such, Perceptyx strikes a balance between technology and service, delivering real-time insights through Software-as-a-Service technology, with a level of personalization and customization to match a brand's unique culture and brand. Supported by a team of world-class people analytics and employee survey professionals, the Perceptyx approach delivers a white-glove experience from end-to-end at an enterprise scale

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