About Nava

Nava is a public benefit corporation working to radically improve how government serves people. Formed as a team of designers and engineers in the effort to fix HealthCare.gov in 2013, Nava now works with Medicare and the Department of Veterans Affairs. With a strong research practice and a depth of experience scaling digital services, Nava helps more than sixty million people access critical government services.

We‰Ûªre thinkers and designers of civic technology. We work holistically across engineering, research, design, and operations to proactively envision the services of a better future. We build with empathy and inclusion, and as we come from many backgrounds and countries ourselves, we seek and value different perspectives. We‰Ûªd love for you to come join us.

How much do people at Nava get paid?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Nava is $77,833, or $37 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $139,362, or $67 per hour.

At Nava, the highest paid job is a Director of Engineering at $165,419 annually and the lowest is a CS Rep at $43,381 annually. Average Nava salaries by department include: IT at $98,323, Engineering at $112,633, Admin at $51,929, and Customer Support at $55,978. Half of Nava salaries are above $139,362.

Source - Comparably

Nava Benefits & Perks

Every day we make decisions that shape our ability to improve government services that operate at massive scale, have legacies measured in generations, and serve urgent social needs. We do not take these opportunities lightly. We build with empathy and inclusion and believe strongly in stewardship - the responsibility we must take on behalf of the people we serve.
Come help us build the services of a better future for millions of people. You can work remotely, or work from one of Nava’s offices in DC, SF, or NYC.

  • Public Benefit Report
    • Making government services more responsive to the needs of millions of people is an ongoing, continuous process. See how thinking long-term informs and strengthens our work.
  • Creating responsive health care services for 58 million people
    • We’re partnering with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to modernize how Medicare pays doctors. Using a human-centered, agile approach, we’re improving the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of claims processing. In turn, this will raise quality of care, facilitate smarter spending, and support a healthier Medicare population.
    • Modernizing how Medicare pays doctors
    • Improving quality of care with human-centered design
  • Serving Veterans, their families, and caregivers
    • Nava worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and several partners to make it easier for Veterans to find, understand, and use information about health care and benefits on VA’s websites.
    • In a nine-month pilot, we built a new website and streamlined existing ones. Our work will guide VA’s multi-year product roadmap, ultimately improving the experience of VA’s 144 medical facilities’ websites.
  • Working to end entrenched poverty
    • Building seamless access to public benefits for all in need
    • Approaching big problems with small, flexible tools
  • Illuminating policy futures
    • Improving the appeals process for Veterans
    • Prototyping to a change in policy
  • HQ Location Washington, District of Columbia, US
  • Website Nava
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