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We’re connoisseurs of code, devotees of customer-care, impassioned creatives, and architects of operations. We’re 1700 dreamers and doers spread out across the world, proud of being ourselves and delivering great work. We work ferociously, express our kindness freely, and will always stand for the power of open dialogue over doing things “just because.” We create, we question, we connect.

Namecheap Salaries

How much do people at Namecheap get paid?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Namecheap is $103,932, or $49 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $112,839, or $54 per hour.

At Namecheap, the highest paid job is a General Counsel at $248,472 annually and the lowest is a CS Rep at $38,362 annually. Average Namecheap.com salaries by department include: Design at $101,434, HR at $101,645, Product at $135,358, and Finance at $76,979. Half of Namecheap.com salaries are above $112,839.

Source - Comparably

Namecheap Benefits and Perks

We’re here to make sure digital dreams take flight, and keep heading for the stars. Over 1.8 million web pros, bloggers, small businesses, and internet investors rely on us. That’s why we give our all to bring them the best of everything, and back it up with world-class customer care. It’s made us the world’s second-largest domain retailer, and one that always seeks to preserve online safety, individual privacy, and the internet as a free and open force for good.

  • Deliver at lightning speed
    • We work fast and hard. We turn ideas into experience quickly, and aren’t afraid to adjust from there. Be prepared to accelerate your skill set in ways you haven’t before. If you light up at the chance to take risks, show your hard work often, and to learn from people that inspire and challenge you - get ready, ‘cause you’ll fit right in.
  • Connect to your global community
    • You’ll be part of a team that spans 21 countries, working and learning alongside teammates from across the world. Are you a global citizen, passionate about diversity in all its forms? Yep, us too. There are unlimited ways you can explore with Namecheap - whether it’s the world you’re after, or new ground in your career.
  • Access information openly
    • Trust and transparency go together like domains and SSL: they’re keystones of our work. Expect a regular email with our financial snapshot, and quarterly sessions that highlight our successes and shortcomings. Your future teammates are born problem-solvers, and keeping things out in the open helps everyone do just that.
  • Combine passion with purpose
    • We’re crazy about the internet’s unlimited potential, and we’re committed to keeping it free and open. We’ve supported the Electronic Frontier Foundation for years and sponsor innovation events like Medhacks at Johns Hopkins University. University students everywhere also get a free domain! Because we know the power of young thinkers.
  • Own your work
    • Entrepreneurship is at our core. We give responsibility freely and get accountability in return. Everyone thinks independently but works together for the good of our customers. If you’re a self-starter with a zest for driving the direction of your work, and an unshakeable sense of personal agency... Get ready to meet your workplace soulmates.
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