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Founded in 2011, healthfinch’s mission is to transform healthcare delivery by automating what can be automated, delegating what can be delegated and simplifying the rest. Its Charlie Practice Automation Platform integrates seamlessly with Allscripts, Epic, and athena EMRs to automate the prescription refill request workflow, assist in pre-visit planning, and identify care gaps.

healthfinch is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and has 40 staff (and growing), all of whom are dedicated to building solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges: inefficient workflows, physician and staff burnout, and delivering consistent, quality patient care.

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  • Remote First
    • We encourage all of our finches to work from wherever they are most productive and happy. We have employees on the West Coast, the East Coast and everywhere in between. While we do have an office in Madison, WI, we default to being remote. Our modus operandi is that if one person is remote, we are all remote. Have you ever been the one remote person conferencing in to a room full of people? It’s super awkward. Fear not, you won’t experience that here.
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
    • Our people are the fundamental strength of our organization. In order for us, as a company, to be at our best, we need you to be at your best. As such, we want you to maintain a successful work-life balance by enjoying time away from work. We absolutely love having you in the nest, but we also need you to fly the coop every now and then! You may take off as many days as you want during the year to recharge, relax, spend time with family and friends, or be sick (if you are ill, please rest and get better). Balancing autonomy with accountability is fundamental to our culture and our success as a company.
  • Paid Leave of Absence
    • We really hope that everything in your life goes swimmingly, and that you enjoy health and good fortune. We love to celebrate new babies, adoptions, and other positive life-changing events. When that happens, it’s important to take time off to savor the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go so well. If you or a family member become sick or injured, it’s important to take time off to heal or care for your loved one. We offer up to 12 weeks paid leave and an additional 4 weeks unpaid.
  • Read & Rock On
    • Your growth as an individual and in your career are extremely important to us. We value learning and continuous self-improvement. Two ways in which we do this is through reading and music. We are happy to provide Spotify & Audible subscriptions for all finches.
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