About Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs is the company behind Grafana, the leading open source software for visualizing time series data. Grafana Labs helps users get the most out of Grafana, enabling them to take control of their unified monitoring and avoid vendor lock in and the spiraling costs of closed solutions.

Grafana Labs Salaries

How much do people at Grafana Labs get paid?

The average Grafana Labs salary ranges from approximately $60,458 per year for Sales Development Representative to $150,821 per year for Senior Frontend Engineer .

In addition, the highest-paying job at Grafana Labs is Senior Frontend Engineer with a salary of $150,821 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

Grafana Labs Benefits & Perks

Helping you be your best self at Grafana Labs

  • Vacation
    • Balance is key. Our team enjoys 30 days of paid vacation each year on top of national holidays, parental leave, and sick leave.
  • Healthcare
    • We’re proud to provide health coverage for our colleagues in the U.S. and Sweden.
  • Retirement planning
    • No time like the present to start saving for your future. We make a 4% contribution match on our 401(k) in the U.S. and our pension in Sweden and the U.K. We also offer a private pension in Germany.
  • Professional development
    • Professional and personal growth is encouraged! We provide a Udemy subscription to all Grafanistas so that you have thousands of on-demand courses to up-level your skills. Want to attend a conference or training? Go ahead. Just pass on what you learned.
  • Work location
    • The vast majority of our roles are fully remote. We want the best talent, no matter where you live. Whether that’s off the beaten path on a farm in Wisconsin, or right in the center of the bustling city of Paris. You do you!.
  • Equipment
    • What tools do you need to do your best work? Maybe it’s a big ol’ monitor, maybe it’s a nice pair of headphones or a microphone that makes you sound like a professional podcaster. Whatever it is, we offer a $3,000 stipend to make sure you can set up your home office with the equipment that helps you do your best work.
  • Mindfulness
    • When you join the team, you’ll receive a complimentary subscription to Headspace to take advantage of all the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Fond Perks
    • A platform that gives you access to pre-negotiated discounts on a wide variety of services, including entertainment, food, and fitness.
  • Global Employee Assistance Program
    • We offer our team a 100% confidential employee support service with 24/7 365 access to professionally qualified counsellors and specialists
    • HQ Location New York, New York, US
    • Website Grafana Labs
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