About DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose makes it easy for anyone to help teachers and students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America request the resources they need, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.

DonorsChoose Salaries

How much do people at DonorsChoose get paid?

The average DonorsChoose salary ranges from approximately $45,157 per year for Outreach Coordinator to $190,000 per year for Senior Vice President Business Development .

In addition, the highest-paying job at DonorsChoose is Senior Vice President Business Development with a salary of $190,000 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

DonorsChoose Benefits & Perks

We're a non-profit, but working here sure doesn't feel like it. When it comes to perks and benefits, we pull out all the stops for our employees.

  • FLEXIBLE work environment
  • 5 WEEKS paid vacation
  • 100% PAID Health/Dental/Vision coverage
  • STIPEND for professional growth
  • Competitive SALARY
  • Monthly guest SPEAKERS
  • Snacks & gourmet COFFEE
  • Generous time off for new PARENTS
  • HQ Location New York, New York
  • Website DonorsChoose
  • Remote Type

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