About Campfire Labs

We believe a great story is one you’d tell around the campfire. You know, like the ones Mom and Dad used to tell on those camping trips growing up. We think the internet — and content marketing especially — has too much “10 things you need to know about XYZ,” and not enough stories that change the way readers see the world. We’re on a mission to change that.

CampFire Salaries

How much do people at CampFire get paid?

The average CampFire salary ranges from approximately $53,606 per year for Graphic Designer to $95,000 per year for Data Engineer .

In addition, the highest-paying job at CampFire is Data Engineer with a salary of $95,000 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

CampFire Benefits

  • Unlimited vacation
  • A $3,600 USD per year health care stipend to spend on anything you want
  • A generous profit share
  • HQ Location Denver, Colorado, US
  • Website Campfire Labs
  • Remote Type

Campfire Labs Remote Jobs