About BetterUp

At BetterUp, we’re bringing powerful transformation to individuals and workforces everywhere. Our mission? To unlock greater clarity, potential, purpose, and passion for every one of our members, with an innovative approach to coaching and leadership development.

The BetterUp experience brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to deliver change at scale — improving personal and organizational resilience, adaptability, wellbeing, and productivity. The results? Individual transformation meets organizational growth.

Our proven effectiveness creates positive change for your business and your people. Using our proprietary algorithm and research, we create hyper-personalized experiences that motivate and inspire your people. Watch your organization transform with real-time data analytics and unparalleled human insights that create critical awareness into your workforce and demonstrate measurable results across 25 key leadership dimensions.

BetterUp Salaries

How much do people at BetterUp get paid?

The average BetterUp salary ranges from approximately $51,023 per year for Business development Representative to$210,702 per year for VP Product .

In addition, the highest-paying job at BetterUp is VP Product with a salary of $210,702 per year.

Source - Glassdoor

BetterUp Benefits & Perks

We want our team to be happy, healthy, and feel supported no matter what comes their way. That’s why our comprehensive benefits and perks provide what you need to thrive as a person, not just as an employee.

  • You’re covered
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits. We also offer 401K, a Flexible Time Off program, and paid parental leave.
  • Unlimited coaching
    • Since most of the operations are preferred locally, it allows huge benefit in terms of speed.
  • Education and learning
    • We support your continued growth through an annual $1K learning and development stipend.
  • Inner Work™ and volunteer days
    • Get time to recharge and also give back with 4 Inner Work™ and 5 volunteer days each year.
  • Competitive salary
    • Experience a competitive base salary and equity package for each and every employee.
  • Wellness on us
    • Tune up with $360 each year for wellness programs.
    • HQ Location San Francisco,CA US
    • Website BetterUp
    • Remote Type

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