Remote Job Description

How do you spark joy in hundreds of millions of people? It starts with a vision - that technology can give voice to stories around the world. In delivering those much-loved stories, Netflix is responsible for a significant portion of global internet traffic.

To steward that responsibility we work collaboratively with ISPs to deploy Open Connect, Netflix’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), which delivers 100% of Netflix video traffic.  Our team’s mission is to support that delivery, by providing an automation and tooling platform which supports the internal operations and external partnerships needed to provide an amazing viewing experience for all Netflix members.

You have a strong intuition for great user experiences and will contribute to the delivery of the technical vision for both our internal and external facing suite of applications. This suite plays a pivotal role for both Netflix itself, as well as ISP partners of the Open Connect initiative, as it provides automation, management, insight, and self-service mechanisms to help drive our global scaling strategy.

In this position, you will build UXs that provide transparency into Open Connect, visualize data to provide actionable information and empower partners to interface with Netflix. Our initiative is a high-priority investment and requires close collaboration with our stakeholders and key partners to deliver seamless experiences to all users of our growing Open Connect fleet.

You Are

  • Someone who likes to work hands on, in a fast-paced environment that gives you both great freedom and great responsibility
  • Able to see beyond immediate specs, summarize requirements, and deliver forward-looking solutions that cross multiple applications
  • Capable of working in a highly-collaborative environment alongside your teammates, Engineers, Partner Engagement Managers, Project Managers, and Operations
  • Always striving to develop and deploy in measured increments, while taking full responsibility for the quality of your work

Required Skills

  • Expertise in at least one notable JavaScript framework like Angular or React
  • Working knowledge of front-end development tools such as pre-processors, task runners, bundlers, etc.
  • You are a firm believer of unit testing and have familiarity with testing frameworks like Jest, Jasmine, Karma or Protractor

Bonus Skills

  • Accustomed to creating responsive web applications using Bootstrap or Material Design
  • Familiarity with annotated JavaScript such as Typescript or Flow
  • Server side JavaScript experience with technologies like NodeJS or GraphQL
  • Ability to create wireframes, storyboards, user and process flows using prototyping tools
  • Knowledge of data visualization and related tools like D3 or HighCharts
  • Collaboratively working with backend engineers to define APIs and data models

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