Remote Job Description

Netflix is building a new internal game studio to incubate and build a new class of hilarious, social party video games.

This Game Tools Engineer will work with the Lead Engineer and a cross-discipline core team to rapidly prototype and iterate towards a new game vision, building confidence on a great game prototype to eventually bring to full production and available to Netflix members. The role is envisioned as one that will start as a core contributor for a small team to enable rapid prototyping, which is hoped to eventually graduate to a full product team as the game vision matures

The ideal candidate should have a track record of accelerating teams ability to experiment with ideas via intuitive and effective tools in addition to enabling efficient content creation and development, and ideally have product and design sensibilities that inform ideating and implementing these tools - especially during the rapid prototyping phase of product development.

You’ll be joining a small, scrappy team with big ambitions, and an obsession to create memorable game moments that leave players telling their own stories for years to come. We’re looking for new teammates who care deeply about the experiences they create and the people they make them with. Those who bias towards action and are energized by the learning that comes with bold experimentation at an agile pace. As a part of Netflix, we strive to hire the best and value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. 


  • Game tools development: Work hands-on with a small core, cross-functional team to ideate, plan, design and build tools that accelerate the prototyping of couch and multiplayer social game concepts, in a fast paced, iterative environment that will eventually graduate to a live game. Work closely with lead engineer and designer understanding the goals and needs that you are able to turn into tools that force multiply rapid prototyping and eventually production tools. 


  • 5+ years experience as an game tools engineer 
  • Exceptional communication, cross-discipline collaboration skills
  • Familiarity with multiple game engines, flexible across a broad tech base
  • Experience with enabling and accelerating designers, artists, and engineers making video games, especially in a rapid, focused, smaller form vs multi-year investments.  Example tools experience include but not limited to:
  • Game mechanics development and iteration for non engineers
  • Artist workflows for in engine works
  • Timelines and sequencing tools (ie for in engine cutscenes and other uses)
  • Build and release automation

Bonus Skills

  • Experience building game tools for early or unfinished platforms
  • Experience with tooling for rapid prototyping, with an emphasis with rapid learning
  • Experience with tooling for sustainable development
  • Familiarity with multiple game engine technologies such as Unity3D and UnrealEngine


  • LA/remote