Remote Job Description

The localization team at Spotify is putting together a group of internationalization experts to help define, develop and guide the way internationalization is done across Spotify. 

This is a unique opportunity to join one of the most exciting, fun, and innovative teams in the industry, as we work to advance the field of internationalization engineering at Spotify and support the needs of international users. If you are passionate about internationalization and localization, have experience working at the intersection of technology and culture, and are looking to take your career to the next level, then come join our amazing localization team at Spotify!

As part of our internationalization engineering effort, we are looking for a Senior Internationalization Engineer with a focus on backend development. The ideal individual will have a deep understanding of Java internationalization and localization, a broad familiarity with Java-based technologies, and practical experience developing backend services in a large-scale, distributed, cloud-based environment.

What you'll do

  • Define, document and promote internationalization standards and best practices. Write RFCs, specifications and guidelines for internationalization.
  • Design and develop Java-based internationalization libraries and frameworks. Build internationalization services and systems.
  • Produce internationalization education and training resources. Lead internationalization training opportunities and incorporate internationalization into developer onboarding.
  • Architect, implement, and maintain internationalization tooling and infrastructure. Integrate internationalization into build and testing workflows.
  • Mentor and assist product engineers with the practical internationalization of backend services. Serve as an experienced resource for internationalization.
  • Analyze and review internationalization projects. Specify internationalization acceptance criteria for different stages in the development life cycle.
  • Help prioritize and resolve internationalization issues. Assist with internationalization issue triaging and resolution.
  • Collaborate with other localization team members to collect data and communicate the impact of internationalization and localization.
Who you are

  • 5+ years of experience in internationalization engineering, with an emphasis on Java-based solutions.
  • 3+ years of practical experience in professional Java development specifically in backend services and microservice architecture. Understanding of CI/CD systems.
  • Deep understanding of Unicode, CLDR, BCP 47 and other internationalization standards and best practices.
  • Experience with ICU4J and the native Java internationalization APIs. Knowledge of existing frameworks and integrations.
  • Proven ability to architect and implement internationalization systems, tools, frameworks and services. Able to take a holistic approach to internationalization solution development.
  • Experience with TMS, CMS, CAT tools and various resource and transfer formats (e.g. .properties files and XLIFF).
  • A high degree of cultural awareness. Knowledge of different languages, scripts, and cultural/national conventions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Able to work effectively with engineers, architects, and engineering management.
  • Highly adaptable with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly-evolving environment.
  • Experience working as part of a distributed team. Self-motivated, with the ability to work both independently and as part of a larger organization.
  • Familiarity with consumer-facing or B2B product development in an agile context. Experience working with engineers, PgMs, PMs, and LQA engineers.
Where You'll Be:

  • We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode that is best for them!
  • Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the Americas region in which we have a work location
  • Prefer an office to work from home instead? Not a problem! We have plenty of options for your working preferences.
  • Find more information about our Work From Anywhere options here.

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