Remote Job Description

Clipboard Health's Finance Leadership program is designed to help people with a deep background in finance take the next steps towards leadership fast, without waiting to pass arbitrary longevity milestones. We get you involved in leadership quickly by giving you the context, skills, and opportunities you need to transition from an individual contributor to an active, effective leader of people who makes big impacts on a daily basis.

We like to keep our process simple, fast, and transparent in hopes that you have the best possible experience interviewing with us. As you look through the interview process below, you may be wondering why we start off with a case study right away and not a phone screen. The reasoning behind that is that we realized that the most dispositive part of our interview process is actually the case study itself. Given that the case study is the most critical part of our process, we want to lead with that and not waste your time. After the first case study, we're excited to hop on a video chat with you to get to know you. 

Given our asynchronous culture, we tried to answer most questions that would be covered by a recruiter phone call upfront by providing the Culture Hub, Substack, and interview process below. However, if you have any additional questions or if you just want to hop on the phone to chat and learn more - we're more than happy to answer them / chat with you if you want to email

Interview Process Overview:

  1. Case Study 1: Lyft Toledo Case link here

  2. Case Interview + preliminary behavioral interview with a member of the Strategy and Operations Team

    1. We will always give you the chance to ask questions during this stage as well and also go into your background

  3. Case Study 2: Working Backwards Document Case

    1. This is based on a scenario within our marketplace and mirrors the work we do on a day to day basis

  4. Working Backwards Document Review with a member of the Strategy and Operations Team 

  5. Meet with Head of Product (George Markoulakis)

  6. Meet with President / COO (Bo Lu)