Remote Job Description

Our team builds the SaaS offering built on top of the Pulumi OSS project. Thousands of companies rely on our Cloud Engineering Platform to be productive and ship software to their customers every day. Our unique philosophy is that we are not a walled garden, and acknowledge that a lot of real work happens in internal developer portals. Anything we ship via our SaaS should be consumable by our customers via APIs and programmatic widgets. As a web platform engineer, you’ll be responsible for building foundational technology to support this strategy. 

On any given day at Pulumi you might find yourself:

  • Working closely with product, design, and our community to deliver new features in the Pulumi SaaS
  • Designing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and Cross-Origin Resource Policy (CORP) models to securely embed dynamic content from our SaaS on customer-controlled domains
  • Instrumenting and optimizing performance to improve bundle sizes, time to interactive (TTI), and time to first byte (TTFB) 
  • Selecting foundational web technology to power our embedded experiences
Job Requirements:

We’re hiring motivated engineers from entry-level to principal, but it helps if you have experience and excitement for:

  • Frontend engineering in JavaScript/TypeScript and a modern web development framework like React, Angular, or Vue. 
  • Schema, index, and query design for MySQL or Postgres
  • Backend engineering in a language like Go, C#, Java, etc.
  • Experience designing cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes.