Remote Job Description

Adopt Me is the #1 Roblox game with over 64 Million Monthly Active Players. As we continue to grow our game studio and develop the best games, we also want to create great looking and feeling websites and web apps for public and internal use.

We’re looking for a talented Web Engineer who fits in with our existing team and is passionate about designing and developing beautiful, functional websites and web apps. You’ll create user-facing public websites that add substantial value to the lives of millions of players, and internal tools that make the lives of your coworkers so much easier. As we grow, more opportunities to push new products and projects forward will arise and you have the freedom to advocate for technologies, iterate our design and to make sure all our web-based work is in line with the quality of the games we make.


  • Design and develop websites and web apps in collaboration with cross-disciplinary team members. Maintain and expand these sites over time.
  • Advocate for web technologies within the team, make suggestions for improvements based on experience, data, and experimentation.
  • Work with our Systems Engineering team to build out API specs that our websites need, and integrate them. Be a flexible resource able to help out back-end developers with their front-end work when needed.

"Should Have" Traits

Candidate 'should have' most of these, but can make up for it in other areas. If you're missing some, consider applying anyway - we encourage applications from marginalised groups.

  • 3+ years frontend development experience.
  • Good knowledge and intuition for design, UI and UX. You are able to independently craft great looking and feeling websites.
  • Excellent understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Good working knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Experience with multiple declarative front end frameworks, like React or Vue.
  • Experience building statically generated JAMStack websites, including interacting with JSON-backed REST APIs.
  • Good knowledge of the Chrome DevTools (or equivalent) and understanding of how to debug a modern web app.
  • Comfortable with Photoshop/Illustrator or equivalent raster/vector graphics software.
  • You are a self-directed learner, able to manage your own time effectively in a remote work environment with minimal supervision and no micro-management. With freedom and flexibility comes responsibility for your own time and work.
  • Excellent communication skills, able to form positive relationships with all stakeholders.
  • You excel in smaller teams and don’t want to be “micro-managed”. The freedom to manage your own time to achieve your set work goals excites you.
  • You value diversity and want to work alongside talented gender-expansive people, women, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC / BAME, and neuro-atypical people.

"Nice to Have" Traits

It's 'nice' for candidates to have these traits, but they aren't necessary to apply.

  • Experience with CSS pre-processors, like Sass, Less, or Stylus.
  • Experience working with Git and continuous integration / deployment.
  • Experience creating websites or web apps with Firebase.
  • Experience with TypeScript and understanding of its type system.
  • History of working with state management systems like Redux or Vuex.
  • Experience with Node.js and creating and maintaining backend APIs, including serverless deployments.
  • Knowledge of web accessibility guidelines.
  • The ability to bend the beast known as Webpack to your will.
  • Experience working with OAuth2.0 or similar authentication schemes.
  • An enthusiasm for open source software and to keep up with the ever-shifting world of web development.
  • Experience working with an international remote distributed team, communicating online across many time-zones using Slack and voice chat.
  • Experience in the games industry, working with games-related brands and products.


Pay will be competitive and negotiable. Est. $70,000 - $110,000 USD / yr (paid monthly), based on your experience