Remote Job Description

Location: Work From Your Home on a Remote-First Team at a Hybrid Remote Company

Are you passionate about universal / inclusive design and excited about working on applications with hundreds of thousands of users? Does it bother you when you see text that is too small to be read, colors that are not contrasted enough, or a website that is too difficult to navigate? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

If so, we'd like you to learn about!

We've built a cloud storage and automation service that businesses use to keep their files and workflows secure and smooth. And to us, the UI is absolutely key to its success.

As our in-house accessibility expert, you will work closely with our design and engineering teams to identify accessibility gaps in existing product designs and educate us on best practices.

As a member of our design team, you will help craft world class products using a blend of industry-standard and cutting-edge tools.

Our apps and marketing websites are driven by a modern frontend React and Gatsby-based stack.

In this position, you will build new designs and improve existing flows, working directly in React and also in Figma and other mockup tools.

World Class Pay and Benefits
Earn a "Bay Area" Salary from Anywhere. Our pay is competitive with the top software companies in the world, with generous base salary plus equity compensation.

Big Company Benefits: You'll get full πŸ₯ Health/Dental/Vision Insurance coverage (plus 75% of Spouse/Family coverage too), πŸ’° 401(k) with generous matching, πŸŽ„ 11 Company Holidays per year, and πŸ– 20 PTO/Vacation days.

Brand New Laptop and $1,000: Upon signing, we'll send you a brand new πŸ’» Apple laptop as well as $1,000 to outfit the rest of your home office with things like a monitor, webcam, keyboard, and mouse.

Tight-Knit Fun-Loving Team: You will be joining a fun-loving team that works together very closely, despite the remote work environment.

100% Remote Opportunity
The Frontend Engineering team is 100% remote. However, we travel for regular in-person meetings with the team and the entire company to meet and work together face to face. These meetings are in cities around the US, including Scottsdale, Austin, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York City.

In-person events combine work and fun and are designed to make up for the in-person interaction that occurs in an office job.

We are very excited that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and we have fully resumed company travel. πŸŽ‰

In this role, you will be:
  • Creating user flows and UI optimizations in prototyping software like Figma
  • Reviewing engineer-created git branches for design and accessibility standards
  • Resolving design-related issues in the app and marketing site by writing JSX and advanced CSS directly in a branch
  • Documenting component-level UI in our Storybook.js-powered component library
  • Auditing the frontend web app to ensure quality and consistency, and opening issues where appropriate
  • Working with other teams to optimize workflows and tools
Ready To Up-Level Your Career?
We would like you to write a cover letter telling us why this opportunity speaks to you. Please specifically cover the following things in your letter:

  • What is the largest application you have personally worked on where your design has made it to production? How many users interacted with it?
  • What is the largest marketing, brochure, or static site you have personally built, and how many visitors have interacted with it?
  • On a Scale of 1 to 10, please rate your HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge.