Remote Job Description

We want engineers who are passionate about making the internet a better place.

Kevel is a cloud-based service for building custom ad serving solutions quickly and easily. We are looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer with 5-10 years experience to join our Pipeline  team!

Location: 100% remote - United States. This position is a fully remote role and can be located anywhere within the United States. All applicants must be eligible to work within the US.


  • Build common ad publishing pipeline service for use by multiple products, with a strong focus on flexibility and extensibility
  • Drive evolution and growth based on customer needs and opening new product capabilities
  • Ensure the Pipeline service has the necessary architectural qualities, guaranteeing our foundation provides the scalability, reliability, security and performance our global customers require.
  • Work closely with the product teams to help enable new features.
  • Work with the Operations & Security team to help provide operational oversight for the platform, making sure we are up and running 24/7.

  • Experience building complex distributed systems, operating with a global footprint
  • Experience building services for asynchronous and highly-concurrent workloads
  • Experience diagnosing performance issues in such systems and services, backed by solid evidence
  • Amazon Web Services experience, including EC2, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Kinesis, EFS, Redshift, SQS, Lambdas, CloudFormation, CDK
  • AWS Cost reporting and management experience
  • Programming experience in Clojure, Java and/or Rust
  • Experience working with datastores including Postgres, LMDB and Redis
  • Low-level Linux system admin experience, e.g., tuning network stacks for performance
  • Monitoring and operations experience
  • Site Reliability Engineering experience
You would be a member of an engineering team that values:

  • Constant improvement. If your processes have a way to improve themselves, you’ll never be stuck in a rut. We hold retros, and we value and protect the ability of any team member to say, “This can and should be better.” We value experimentation, especially when coupled with measurement.
  • Balance. We’re a collaborative team. We kick ideas around. The more viewpoints we have, the more likely we are to hear a good idea we haven’t thought of. We all have the opportunity to work on all parts of the system. No one is stuck working on the legacy systems full time.
  • Working to live, not living to work. We take our work seriously. We strive to make the best software we can for our clients. Software is a marathon, not a sprint. We work hard, but at a sustainable pace, and do better work as a result.
  • Autonomy. One of our core values as a company is, “We’re all adults.” We do code reviews and sometimes we pair program, but we trust each other. If you thought about the problem and have an opinion, your teammates will listen.
  • Mastery. Our CEO started out as a software engineer. Our CTO writes Clojure. We have an engineering team with decades of collective experience writing high-quality, fault-tolerant distributed systems. We love taking on and solving hard problems. We love learning.
  • A sense of purpose. We know what problem we’re trying to solve: to provide a first-rate ad serving platform to our global customers while continuing to evolve our product to meet the needs of the future.

  • Fully Remote Team: We are a 100% remote work environment with employees located around the world. You are welcome to work from home, one of our offices, a WeWork office, or an equivalent co-working space.
  • Flexible Working Hours: We understand our employees have their own lives, responsibilities and working preferences. We trust our employees to communicate with their managers, and work when they work best. 
  • Paid Health Benefits: 100% employer paid health benefits for you and your entire family. 
  • Savings opportunity for the Future: Kevel offers retirement savings plans with employer contributions so employees can save toward future financial objectives. 
  • Rest and Relaxation: Unlimited personal time off - and we mean it! We trust our employees to take the time they need, whenever they need it. We also offer Paid Holidays + a Kevel Holiday Break (from 12/24 - 1/1 every year!)
  • Home Office Stipend: You’ll receive a new Windows or Mac machine (your choice) + a $500 home office allowance to purchase what you need to set up your work space properly!
  • Parental Leave Support: We support both primary and secondary caregivers with salary continuation and benefits when our employees are growing their families.
  • Free press benefits: Kevel believes all employees should have access to legitimate news sources. You’ll receive a $300 annual allowance to subscribe to the news source of your choice.
  • You’ll work with an award winning team! We’ve won numerous Best Places to Work Awards for several years and counting! We’ve also won many awards for our Innovation, Business Intelligence, and our best-in-class products (Software of the Year, Cloud Company of the Year, Best Ad Tech and API Innovator).
  • Full transparency. We embrace transparency and encourage you to read more about what we value through our Company Constitution and Employee Bill of Rights, our About Kevel page, and Careers Page.