Remote Job Description

You will report directly to the VP of Engineering and partner with him to help build and run a high-quality, rapidly growing engineering organization. As a trusted partner, you will drive and facilitate a variety of projects (examples: standardize/shorten our hiring process, improve engineering onboarding, organize book clubs, do small things that make our team happy), help run team processes (examples: planning, retrospectives, collecting feedback, team offsites), and draft communications (examples: project proposals, internal updates/requests, blog posts, candidate outreach).

Within one month, you will:

  • Establish trusting relationships with members of the product and engineering leadership team.
  • Understand the key priorities and challenges of the product and engineering team of Sourcegraph as a whole.
  • Participate in recurring team processes to identify areas of improvement.
  • Begin learning the VPE’s voice and work style by drafting the first version of small communications/documents for him to review.
  • Use Git and Markdown to make updates to our handbook.
  • Begin work on one or more projects.

Within three months, you will:

  • Impress our product and engineering leadership team with the quality of your communication and the results you have delivered on multiple projects.
  • Turn brief problem statements into fully drafted proposals that are ready for feedback.

Within six months, you will:

  • Facilitate the delivery of major improvements to our planning, communication, hiring, and onboarding processes to help the team scale as we grow.
  • Have a deep understanding of what makes our team unique, and be an active participant in reinforcing our values by recognizing great work.
  • Be trusted by the VPE to draft documents and send communications without review.

Within one year, you will:

  • Be a trusted stand-in to represent the interests of the VPE.
  • Work autonomously to solve problems that you have identified and prioritized.

About you

You are outgoing, kind, have a positive attitude, and are excited to work on many different kinds of projects. You have excellent communication skills and can effectively/credibly communicate with a technical audience. You are strongly aligned with our values, motivated to be helpful, and inspired by our mission to make it so that everyone can code.


  • You have 5+ years of experience in relevant/similar roles (examples: manager of a team, program manager, chief of staff, executive business partner), and/or you have delivered results on a large variety of projects.
  • Your working hours significantly overlap with 8 am-4 pm US/Pacific.

Nice to have:

  • You know how to write Markdown documents.
  • You know how to use Git (or another version control system).
  • You have written code before or have a background in software engineering.

Interview process 

  1. You apply.
  2. [30 min] Recruiter screen with our Recruiting team.
  3. [30 min] Peer Interview with Kylie Fligstein
  4. Take-home Project
  5. [45 min] Hiring Manager screen with Nick Snyder 
  6. [30 min] Values Interview
  7. [30 min] Cross-collaboration Interview 
  8. [30 min] Cross-collaboration Interview
  9. Any other informal conversations with people who you would be working closely with but didn’t get to meet during the interview process.
  10. We check references & make you an offer!