Remote Job Description

SFOX is seeking a server side developer to work on blockchain technology. If you like blockchains, cyber security, cryptography, solving Rubik’s cube - we want to talk to you.


You will work on making it easy to use Blockchains, secure our systems and improve our key management systems. You will work closely with our Founder and CTO and learn how to work on Blockchain platforms, applied cryptography, financial engineering, and much more!

About You

  • Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, or equivalent, required. Masters degree is a plus.
  • Five years software engineering experience
  • Strong experience developing large-scale concurrent, event-driven distributed systems
  • Passion to work on public key cryptography (and blockchain)
  • Server side and blockchain experience is a plus
  • Experience with javascript, Go, and C++
  • Strong CS fundamentals, including good working knowledge of algorithms, data structures, distributed systems
  • Good practical knowledge of sql in general and mysql in particular
  • Rigor in engineering best-practices (e.g. code reviews, automated testing, CI etc.)
  • Passion for innovation and for working in early stage startups
What you'll do

  • Develop highly scalable blockchain nodes
  • Improve key management system
  • Security guidance and tool development
  • Work on developing our blockchain solution and securing our advanced trade platform
We love

  • Full command of Node.js, Ethereum, Solidity, Go, Python, git and Continuous Integration/ Deployment based workflows
  • Formally trained and experience in cryptography, systems security, cloud security and privacy, distributed database systems and data analytics
  • Previous hands-on software engineering experience working with cryptographic solutions, API-based applications, Amazon AWS, mobile and web-based blockchain software products on Linux-based, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms