Remote Job Description

The Platform Networking organization's mission is to deliver a scalable, reliable, secure, agile, and efficient Network-as-a-Service to provide innovative experiences for our members and content creators around the world.

Team Spotlights

Cloud Network Engineering
The Cloud Network Engineering team’s goal is to create network architectures that can readily evolve with the needs of our product services and initiatives. We achieve this goal by developing tools and services that improve network availability, scale, and security. Our domain ownership is divided into two high-level segments: Cloud Network Infrastructure and Host networking. Our goals are to scale streaming service and support our expanded business use-cases of Studio, Gaming, and Animation. We deliver on these goals via our mission to evolve, manage, optimize and scale the network on Netflix’s compute infrastructure. 

Network Services and Insights
Network Services & Insights team develops composable building blocks which deliver a transparent, abstracted cloud network to other platform teams and app developers to build on top of. Having deep expertise in networking, we also provide an insights platform which answers complex connectivity questions and informs our technical strategy.

Cloud Gateway
Cloud Gateway provides a consistent traffic management story throughout the Netflix ecosystem. The Cloud Gateway team is responsible for designing, developing, and operating Zuul, Netflix’s flagship open-source API Gateway. We are the front door for all traffic coming into the cloud and help ensure hundreds of millions of members have a fast, reliable, and secure streaming experience. 

Service Networking
The Service Networking team is focused on creating a consistent, seamless, secure, and adaptive infrastructure for internal service discovery and communication across Netflix. To this end, we are migrating our current SDK-based communication architecture to a centralized sidecar service mesh, and are investigating the future of service discovery as the Netflix ecosystem continues to scale. They work closely with the other infrastructure and developer experience teams at Netflix, creating an infrastructure that is decoupled from the developer with a seamless development experience.

Must-have skills & experiences

  • Building & operating complex, highly reliable distributed systems involving microservices and APIs
  • Experience with Java, C++, Go, Python, or any other object-oriented languages
  • A solid understanding of network protocols (L2-L7) and control plane
  • Bonus points if you've worked with cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, or similar

What you'll be doing in the role

  • Building microservices, APIs, databases, caches, and tooling for a variety of end-users
  • Understanding and solving business needs at scale with high-quality solutions
  • Leaning into proactiveness and effective communication in pursuit of cross-functional collaborations 
  • Balancing bias to action with the ability to make well-informed bets
  • Engaging directly with end engineering users to understand their needs and improve their experience

You will be successful in the role if

  • You thrive in ambiguity; complex and fuzzy requirements are more common than clearly defined customer expectations
  • You take incremental steps toward solving big problems; test and learn approaches work better than heads-down development
  • You are independent and self-driven; progress is often self-directed by teams & individuals