Remote Job Description

Our mission is to create a world-class development experience for iOS engineers across the company.

We create libraries, tools and frameworks that enable product teams to ship features quickly and reliably. We want to enable DoorDash iOS engineers to be among the most productive in the industry.

Our success as a platform team depends on the success of the product teams we serve. Because of this, we invest in building a strong iOS community that encourages participation and promotes best practices.

About the Team

  • You will build the foundational pieces for all of the DoorDash iOS applications.
  • You will work and collaborate across team boundaries.
  • You will contribute features and bug fixes to upstream open-source projects.
  • You will mentor and educate your peers.
You’re excited about this opportunity because you will…

  • Join a growing company and grow right along with us.
  • Take on significant technical challenges and have a large impact.
  • Have the ability to shape and improve our engineering culture.
  • Create and implement industry best practices for iOS development.
We’re excited about you because…

  • You have at least 3 years of iOS development experience.
  • You have a product mindset and apply that to how you would build out platform services.
  • You love systems and software and are competent in both.
  • You’re curious and like to dive deep into different system architectures.
  • You are an organized and excellent written and verbal communicator.
About DoorDash

At DoorDash, our mission to empower local economies shapes how our team members move quickly, learn, and reiterate in order to make impactful decisions that display empathy for our range of users—from Dashers to merchant partners to consumers. We are a technology and logistics company that started with door-to-door delivery, and we are looking for team members who can help us go from a company that is known for delivering food to a company that people turn to for any and all goods. 

DoorDash is growing rapidly and changing constantly, which gives our team members the opportunity to share their unique perspectives, solve new challenges, and own their careers. We're committed to supporting employees’ happiness, healthiness, and overall well-being by providing comprehensive benefits and perks including premium healthcare, wellness expense reimbursement, paid parental leave and more.