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We’re seeking a sharp, detail-oriented, problem-solver of an SEO Analyst to continue to learn and grow with us. Technical problem-solving and SEO experience is valued, but on-the-job practical application training will be provided. Ultimately, this role will grow to fill the following functions with autonomy:

Technical SEO Audits & Diagnostics

    • Analyze a website and digital presence for improved Search Engine Optimization performance.
    • Produce thorough analysis across thousands of factors and carefully document recommendations, action items, and expected outcomes in a client-ready format that multiple audiences can understand from developers to marketers and the c-suite.
    • Not only will you diagnose issues and identify recommendations, but also write about and explain them well.
Tracking & Reporting

    • Well-versed in spotting and identifying trends and anomalies in performance data, you’ll produce reports and surface actionable insights from tracking and measurement tools (Analytics, Search Console, client-side databases, log files, etc).
    • Use data visualization platforms and techniques to tell a story with client data that is understandable and inspiring to a variety of business audiences.
Engaged Team Member

    • Support and learn with other team members to satisfy cross-functional client projects.
    • Become an engaged, valued participant in client calls and communication.
    • Consistently deliver client-ready materials on-time and on-budget.
Skills & Attributes

Our ideal SEO Analyst possesses the following skills and attributes.

  • Eagerness to dig deep and thoroughly learn the worlds of Digital Marketing and SEO.
  • Innovative, problem-solving mindset. Most of the work you’ll engage in on a daily basis hasn’t been done or solved before.
  • Independent, self-driven. The majority of your work will be a hands-on, solo experience. You must prefer and enjoy independent work to thrive in this role.
  • Aptitude for data analysis (advanced formulas in Excel, Sheets) and/or a programming language.
  • Multi-lingual applicants are highly valued as we serve our clients in a variety of languages.
  • Exceptional written and verbal English communication skills.

  • Baseline experience/knowledge of SEO and/or other technical digital marketing disciplines.
  • Experience with the following: Google Analytics, Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, ahrefs, Google Sheets, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Jira
  • Building and maintaining a website. Even if its a simple personal website on an easy CMS, this shows interest and aptitude in the digital media space. Bonus points if you can create a fully functional website in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • 100% remote work is the dream of many but suited to few. Proven experience working and thriving in a fully remote role is preferred.
  • Digital marketing agency or in-house department is helpful.

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