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Senior Software Engineer, Operations - (Octopus Deploy)

Octopus Deploy Full Time Software Engineer Remote-Australia

Remote Job Description

Our mission at Octopus Deploy is to help teams building software to automate their deployment and operations processes.

Octopus has traditionally been known for deployments, and is used by more than 20,000 companies around the world to deploy their applications. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (with Operations experience), someone who can bring their previous experience of developing, operating, and maintaining systems to help Octopus put together a world-class operations team.

In other words this a DevOps position, heavy on the Dev, light(er) on the Ops.

Octopus is built by developers for developers. We have a world-class engineering team, and we are building an operations team to match.

Octopus is a product company. Software is not a cost-center for us. Building a product that our customers love is our focus. Your work will be appreciated.

Our customers love Octopus. Octopus is primarily adopted bottom-up. Development teams use Octopus not because they’re told to, but because it makes their lives easier. Our users are engaged and care about the product direction.

You can make a difference. Octopus is a critical piece of infrastructure for many of the largest and most well-known companies on the planet. We compete on the world stage. The potential for external impact is vast. Operations is an evolving discipline within our company, and you will have a real opportunity to influence the shape it takes at Octopus.

Octopus is not a startup. Octopus Deploy is a bootstrapped, profitable, and conservatively-managed company. We do not need venture capital. We care about building a sustainable company, and we do this by helping customers succeed, increased revenue is a happy by-product.

A typical day as a Senior Software Engineer at Octopus may include:

  • Working where you work best. We've built a place where passionate people are given the trust and freedom to do their best work. Our headquarters are in Brisbane, Australia, where the company started, but our team is distributed across the world, and we’ve built a remote-first culture.
  • We shape, bet, and build using a method inspired by Shape Up. You will collaborate on pitches, helping to design, and implement systems that solve internal engineering problems. You will provide input to the betting table, advising where you believe our operational effort can be best spent.
  • You will be heavily involved in operating, enhancing, and maintaining the Octopus Cloud.
  • Design, implement, and maintain secure and scalable core infrastructure.
  • Work closely with the Product and Engineering teams to add new features and improve our ability to support our products.
  • Mentor and coach others in your day to day.
  • Participate in knowledge sharing within, and beyond your cohort.

What we think it will take to succeed in this role:

  • Multiple year experience with C# (.Net Framework and .Net Core), to the Senior Software Engineer level
  • Experience with IaC (Terraform and/or Ansible) in a production environment
  • Cloud platform experience with any of Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Have used Kubernetes and/or containers in a production level environment (either operating with existing infrastructure or being on a new project that designed and built a container-ised application using Kubernetes)
  • Working knowledge of systems engineering. Our ideal candidate will have previous systems engineering experience, our users love Octopus because we are our users.
  • Great communication skills. You will need to be an information honey bee, transporting it between our various teams and our users. At Octopus we try to keep our process light, so much of your impact will come via influence, passion, and persuasion.
  • A passion for great software design.
About the company

We make Octopus Deploy, software that enables teams to deliver working software to production. We've become the "best in class" tool in our category by focusing on doing one thing and doing it very well. Founded in 2012, we now have over 25,000 happy customers around the world, and we employ 70+ wonderful people.

We're a bootstrapped, profitable, growing business. We're not VC-funded, and our goal is to build a company that will last forever, while enjoying the journey and doing work that we're proud of. Our business model is all around understanding our customers, building great software, backing it up with great support and customer service, and making it incredibly easy to discover, learn and use.

Most of our team is based in Brisbane, Australia, where the company started, though we've spread to other parts of Australia, the US, and UK. Because our team is distributed, everyone works from home most of the week, so we've built a remote-first culture. 

We've made our company handbook public, and it's a great guide to how we think about just about everything - including career progression and compensation, our vision and what we care about, how our company is structured, feedback loops, training, remote work and more. Please take a read of our handbook, and reach out if you think there is a good fit. 

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