Remote Job Description

As a Coordinator at Sourcegraph, you will have more responsibility, upside, and growth potential than anywhere else otherwise comparable. We strive to make Sourcegraph the best company where exceptionally talented people can thrive. If you join us, we know you’ll make a big impact!  Here’s what we’re thinking:

Within one month, you will… 

  • Kick off 1:1s with your boss, peers, and other employees within the business.
  • Learn about the engineering and product interview process and how we hire through shadowing other team members.
  • Provide administrative and logistical support for our high-volume recruiting team, specifically our Technical Recruiters.
  • Gain strong familiarity with Greenhouse, our Applicant Tracking system; be able to successfully navigate the system, create candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and much more.
  • Schedule interviews using Google Calendar and Greenhouse, consistently ensuring an outstanding candidate experience through consistent follow-up communication.
  • Run and analyze recruiting metrics on a weekly basis.
  • Own programs related to: diversity & inclusion, recruitment marketing, summer internship program & campus recruiting; partner with your team on existing programs and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Organize and maintain documentation in Greenhouse, Google Drive, and our public-facing Handbook. 
  • Dive into internal processes and suggest opportunities for improvement; teach us a thing or two we don’t know!
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to improve the recruiting function at Sourcegraph, with a focus on automation and scalability.

Within three months, you will...

  • Schedule interviews seamlessly, with candidate experience being at the forefront of your mind at all times.
  • Have Greenhouse optimized and functioning seamlessly.
  • Continue to identify inefficiencies and innovate/improve; you'll never stop having the ability to influence and drive change and process improvement.

Within six months, you will...

  • Provide flawless support to the recruiting team, resulting in a continuous positive candidate experience.
  • Serve as a critical member of the recruiting team, with a deep understanding of the team’s talent needs and staying one step ahead of the growth.
  • Provide feedback to leadership and interviewers as to what's working, what's not, and ideas for what to change.
  • Help support the team in achieving the hiring goals; we’ll look to you to deliver month-over-month!

Within one year, you will...

  • Have a growth mindset and an eye for creating scalable processes, always.
  • Play an instrumental role in scaling out our recruiting organization and be ready to step up into greater responsibilities.
  • Identify areas of growth and share them continuously in your 1:1s.