Remote Job Description

As Pulumi hits an inflection point in user growth, we need to build for scale to support hundreds of thousands of users. Are you excited to handle challenges of scale? Can you design and build cloud systems, make consistency and latency tradeoffs where appropriate, and optimize the ingestion of petabytes of JSON?

On any given day at Pulumi you might find yourself:

  • Migrating a write-heavy workload out of MySQL into DynamoDB
  • Engineering new features like full-text search, or drift detection
  • Designing a scheme for geo-replicating
  • Profiling, tuning, and optimizing slow MySQL queries
  • Building out data-intensive infrastructure for new cloud-scale product offerings
  • Adding new SaaS product capabilities at the intersection of dev tools, distributed systems, and compilers
Job Requirements:

We’re hiring motivated engineers from entry-level to principal, but it helps if you have experience and excitement for:

  • Backend engineering in a language like Go, C#, Java, etc.
  • Schema, index, and query design for MySQL or Postgres
  • Experience designing and operating compute and data infrastructure on AWS, Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes.
  • Working knowledge of infrastructure characteristics that impact application development, such as queue delivery guarantees, database isolation, consistency characteristics, and write durability.