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Account Manager (Chartable)

Chartable Full Time Other Remote-US

Remote Job Description

As our first Account Manager, your mission is to make our clients feel successful before, during and after each SmartAds campaign. You will work closely and communicate clearly with publishers, ad agencies, advertisers, and the Chartable team, ensuring that every campaign launches on-time with all publishers and advertisers onboard.

We’re a young company in a growing market, funded by top-tier investors including Initialized Capital, Naval Ravikant, Greycroft, Ryan Hoover, and others. You'll have the opportunity to own major parts of the product and the company, alongside great benefits (medical, dental, gym, vacation, etc), and a generous options grant.

We don't care about where you went to school, or whether you have a Big Name on your résumé. We love to work with people who are driven, kind, and proactive. Though we're based in New York, we're open to working with anyone within the continental US. (We're unfortunately unable to accept international applicants.)

You will...

Work closely with our clients to ensure all of their campaigns start and end without a hitch
Manage client accounts, providing ongoing support
Provide training and education on our products and new features
Hear our clients’ feedback and report it back to the product team
Find out what you can’t do alone and scale it

You have...

Exceptional organizational abilities
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
A strong work ethic

A track record of successful execution in a fast-paced environment
Deep understanding of the digital and mobile marketing ecosystem
Ideally, a love of podcasting

How we work

We're a young company, but we've thought a lot about the culture we're creating and the way we work (with inspiration from & thanks to AngelList, Netflix, Patreon, and Carta). Here are our core values and behaviors.

❤️ Be kind and candid 🎯

It's always worth the effort to be both kind and direct.
Agree and commit. If that's not possible, disagree and commit.
Respect and embrace diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas.
No brilliant jerks. No nitpicking. No bike-shedding.

😀 Be optimistic

This is creative work. Creating is for optimists.
Believe in yourself and your teammates.
Believe in what you're building.
Give new ideas room to grow.

🥇 Be ambitious for our customers
Our customers have been generally underserved. We should wildly exceed their expectations.
Obsess over the customer experience.
Hide complexity from our customers.

📊 Get the data

Learn by shipping. Launching & learning is better than deliberating.
Own the outcome. Get data on what's working and what isn't.
Share lessons learned, including negative results.
Strong opinions, weakly held. Be willing to change your mind.

🏃‍♂️ Do great work sustainably

90% of success is a grind.
Doing the hard work is what makes you and the company valuable.
We judge the company (and each other) on results.
Results are often, but not always, linked to effort.
Results don't matter if you don't take care of yourself.

👩‍💻 Think together, execute independently

Do creative work, like roadmapping and product specs, together and synchronously.
Do independent work, like coding, solo and asynchronously.
Prefer asynchronous communication.
Keep meetings small and short.

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