About Reciprocity

Reciprocity was founded by Ken Lynch in 2009. We’re on a mission to support companies with goals that are good for society, such as improving customer privacy or our environment. We want to help companies manage their information security with our risk and compliance platform.

Your security and compliance teams get a single, integrated experience that reveals your information security risk across your business. You can take action confidently, knowing you see the entire landscape. Our ZenGRC platform provides compliance, audit, risk, third-party risk solutions, and governance and policy management applications.

We engage compliance departments to work more easily with their internal stakeholders and show the world that their company’s internal household is in order. We achieve this by consumerizing our enterprise software, making it more engaging, rewarding and user-friendly.

Our tools are built to help individuals better understand the greater context of their work and motivate them with the feedback that ensures that they execute well. We connect societal concerns, like privacy or environmental laws, to internal governance structures and we integrate them into an individual’s everyday workflow.

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