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Embark is a consulting firm specializing in financial advisory. Our unique process focuses on complete customization to meet your specific needs.

We want to help your business grow, without breaking the bank.

Our team of ex-Big 4 CPA's are helping companies through the IPO process, the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard, and the upcoming lease accounting changes.

We've also helped develop and test SOX/internal control programs, provided due diligence reports, review and assist with finance-related processes, implemented new accounting ERP's and provide help for PE-backed teams to launch their firm and get through their first audit.

Our team is flexible and talented, and ready to help improve your bottom line. Let us know what’s on your horizon so we can help!

Embark Salaries

How much do people at Embark get paid?

The average Embark salary ranges from approximately $42,800 per year for Client Service Manager to $210,294 per year for President .

In addition, the highest-paying job at Embark is President with a salary of $210,294 per year.

Source - Glasssdoor

Embark Perks & Benefits

We believe that by taking care of our team, our team will take care of our members.

The best gear

  • We don't skimp on tools_ You'll get the best Mac or PC for your role.the latest and greatest software.and any accessories you need to get the job done right and in style.

Unlimited pto

  • We want people to love what they do in and out of the office_ Use your unlimited PTO to take vacations.make memories. and go explore the world

We've got you covered

  • We want healthy and happy employees We offer and pay for 100% of healthcare premiums for you and ALL your dependents But that's just scratching the surface_ Our benefits are the best_

Continue to grow

  • We are happy to covercosts for educational materials,courses and anything that makes you better at what you do.

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