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Posted by Brian Jobs on April 18, 2023 · 9 mins read

Best Netflix Software Engineer Jobs in 2023

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Netflix is a global entertainment powerhouse that aims to bring joy to people all over the world.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation has enabled us to revolutionize how entertainment is created, delivered, and consumed.

In addition, they are continuously expanding their reach and exploring new frontiers, such as gaming, to provide the best possible entertainment experience to their users.

More importantly, behind all of this lies a team of exceptional software engineers to ensure that our platform runs smoothly and provides seamless content production and member experience.

Lastly, in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex software landscape, our engineering teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible to help them achieve their mission.

Hence, let's explore a few Software Engineer roles that to continue to help push Netflix forward as the best entertainment platform in the World.

1. Netflix Software Engineer Jobs - Software Engineer (L5) Python Platform

Our language platform teams enable the underlying technology and best practices for engineering at Netflix.

In addition, We work to provide Netflix developers with the best support, solutions and approaches to leverage common centralized needs.

Lastly, Python is one of the top three languages used at Netflix, critical to our machine learning, data science, and animation pipeline efforts, to name a few. Python Platform is a newly formed team and as such, provides an exciting opportunity for you to shape the future of Python at Netflix.


  • Make Python build/package/publish work seamlessly for various use cases at Netflix. From data science to ML to animation to network operations, Python is the lingua franca of these domains, and you will enable the Python foundational capabilities to just work for the customers.
  • Work backward from Python developers to understand their pain, and collaborate with partner teams to provide an opinionated, batteries-included software development lifecycle for Python developers.
  • Safely apply bulk changes to thousands of git repositories to keep them current.
  • Participate in the team’s support and on-call rotations.

Netflix salary

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typical $90,000 - $900,000

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Netflix Careers

2. Software Engineer (L4) Game Systems

The Partner Experiences Technology team delivers Netflix on hundreds of millions of partner devices from smart TV’s to TV operator Set Top Boxes to streaming sticks. The team collaborates with partners across the globe to deliver Netflix device experiences with the highest quality and a rich feature set for TV as well as deliver Netflix payment experiences to our operator partners around the world with high quality.

In addition, in this role, you will contribute to enabling and certifying the Netflix application on the partner products. The functionality of Netflix certified products include streaming and playback, standards driven graphics, dynamic UI, payments, security, and other innovative partner-specific adaptations.

Lastly, you will get an opportunity to experience the full software stack, all the way from device silicon to the Netflix service, and push the limits on quality.


  • Leveraging 3-5 years of backend systems experience to influence outcomes
  • Driving medium to large features with the support of senior engineers
  • Enhancing product, infrastructure, and operations capabilities
  • Collaborating with senior engineers to deliver high-quality solutions
  • Deploying to a cloud environment, while managing risk
  • Storing and retrieving information using databases technologies

Netflix salary

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typical $100,000 - $700,000

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Netflix Software Engineer Jobs

3. Software Engineer L6, Mobile Developer Productivity

As a Software Engineer on the Kernel Release team, you will be responsible for working on a range of technical issues in the kernel and in user space to keep the kernel operating.

Netflix Cloud accelerates organizations’ ability to digitally transform their business with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise.

Moreover, we deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Netflix’s cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Netflix Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.


  • Help integrate, test, deploy, and improve the Netflix streaming application, content discovery APIs and billing integration APIs over the entire device lifecycle using Netflix tools and data.
  • Investigate complex partner issues as their technology integrates with Netflix technology.
  • Recognize opportunities for improvement in process or tooling and implement changes to deliver the same or better quality with less effort.

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4. Software Engineer L6, Mobile Developer Productivity

Netflix Mobile Productivity (MoPro) team is focused on helping engineers around the world create Netflix mobile applications quickly and with the highest levels of quality.

Furthermore, they do this with tools and infrastructure that optimizes the developer experience. We tie it all together with sophisticated automated testing and productivity solutions designed to support our culture of experimentation, autonomy and ownership.

Lastly, in this role, the impact of this work will enable engineering teams to build, integrate, test and monitor the Netflix mobile apps.


  • Develop tools and services that are part of our build and test automation infrastructure with an eye on scaling and reliability
  • Innovatively create and develop techniques to automate manual activities in our mobile development process
  • Operate in a highly cross-functional environment where you can leverage multiple teams to help our partners be successful
  • Set direction and build consensus to drive long-term positive impact on the mobile engineering ecosystem
  • Evangelize and drive adoption of software development best practices in code health, quality and test stability through frameworks and information sharing, not rules and process

Netflix salary

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typical $300,000 - $900,000

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Netflix Software Engineer Jobs

5. Software Engineer (L5) - Open Connect Platform

Our team’s mission is to support that delivery by providing an automation and tooling platform that supports the internal operations and external partnerships needed to provide a fantastic viewing experience for all Netflix members.

In addition, you will be charged with handling impactful availability, scalability, and usability challenges and must self-define optimal ways to configure, manage, and observe our growing Open Connect platform.

Lastly, their platform is a fundamental building block to our streaming initiatives - providing critical solutions for one of the world’s largest CDNs and empowering stakeholders to operate the CDN more efficiently and reliably.


  • Implementing microservices to enable analytics, insights, discovery, and visualizations.
  • Designing orchestration to manage many thousands of globally distributed appliances and devices
  • Building data models and APIs to help manage and maintain our fleet
  • Understanding the breadth of our multi-tenant platform, creating generalized solutions which can be leveraged across multiple domains - including networking, video, and gaming

Netflix salary

The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typical $100,000 - $700,000

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Netflix Software Engineer Jobs

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